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VS Chord Helper Free

*Note: If launched with the product "KONTAKT PLAYER" with PLAYER appended to the product name, it will be a demonstration operation and can not use the full version. Please note that "KONTAKT" is required to use the full version.

*VS Chord Helper (Full version) is an instrument bundled with VS WT Synth that assists in inputting chords for KONTAKT. (It works with KONTAKT 6.8.0 or later.)
This instrument allows you to search for diatonic chords by specifying the key and scale, and allows you to drag and drop MIDI directly into DAWs, etc.

The limitations of the free version are as follows.
- Only two scales can be selected: Major and Natural minor. (In the full version, you can choose from custom scales that you can set freely, and 89 scale presets.)
- The number of chords that can be searched is limited to 7 types x 12 fundamentals: major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, major 7th, ♭5, and m♭5 (dim). (In the full version, chords to be searched: 47 types x 12 fundamentals)
- The addition of bass notes is limited to only the fundamental note one octave lower. (In the full version, there are 6 types of bass notes to add.)
- Only Sine type OSC is available, and parameters that change the tone (Char) cannot be used. (In the full version, OSC: 10 types, Char available)

You can also use this to check in advance whether sound sources created with KONTAKT 6.8.0 will work in your environment.

*The video in the screenshot tab below is from the full version. The free version has limitations such as a reduced number of options.

About Features System Requirements
Price:¥0 (JPY)
Product type:Sample Pack
Format: KONTAKT 6.8.0
Size: 38.3 MB
Sample: 1 Samples
Sample: 4 KB (uncompressed)
1 instruments
Product version NI KONTAKT 6.8.0 or later (Kontakt)
HDD free space 50 MB or more
Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 4 GB or more RAM
(Same as NI KONTAKT 6.8.0 or later operating environment)
(NI KONTAKT PLAYER 6 and later demonstration operation, time limit (about 15 minutes) available)

*If the Instrument's version in the movie is old, the function is slightly different from the latest version.
Screenshot is the latest version.


  • 1 instruments
  • VS Chord Helper Free.nki
  • Search for diatonic chords by specifying the key and scale. Drag and drop MIDI directly into DAW, etc.
  • 2 scale presets (Major, Natural minor only)
  • Chords to search: 7 types x 12 root note (major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, major 7th, ♭5, and m♭5 (dim) only)
  • Additional bass notes: 2 types (Root note one octave lower)
  • 1 OSC type (Sine only)
  • EQ, various filters. Equipped with distortion, reverb, delay, convolution reverb, compressor, limiter, and more than 30 other effects
  • Artwork (package and GUI 3D / 2DCG), script, engineer: Hironari Watanabe
  • * The package image is an image.
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