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VS Resize and Merge Wavetable

*"VS Resize and Merge Wavetable" is software bundled with "VS WT Synth".

VS Resize and Merge Wavetable is software designed for resizing waveforms (adjusting the number of samples) and creating wavetables by merging multiple waveforms.
It can be used for various purposes, such as standardizing the number of samples in single-cycle waveforms of acoustic instruments at different pitches and merging them. Additionally, it allows for tasks like splitting existing wavetables by cycle and reordering them.

The software offers functions such as specifying window size, normalization, correcting DC offset, applying smooth loop processing (which seamlessly connects the start and end of each waveform), and adjusting waveform texture (by resampling, blurring, etc.).
VS Resize and Merge Wavetable provides options for resizing and merging, resizing only, merging only, and splitting waveforms.

About Features System Requirements
Product type:Software
Format: EXE
Size: 70 MB
HDD free space 200 MB or more
64bit Windows 10 later (Not compatible with 32bit version)
Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 or more
4 GB or more RAM




  • Resize and merge multiple single cycle waveforms (wav)
  • Resize single cycle waveform (wav) (256-2048 samples)
  • Merging multiple WAV files
  • Split wavetable into single cycle waveforms
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide waveforms
  • Only works on 64bit Windows
  • This software is an editing software that allows you to resize, merge, and split wavetable waveforms.
  • Drag and drop files or specify folders for processing
  • Resize and Merge: Resizes a single cycle waveform (wav) to the specified window size and merges it. It is also possible to add calculation processing when merging.
  • Resize: Resizes a single cycle waveform (wav) to the specified window size. (2048 samples if not specified)
  • Merge: Merge multiple waveforms or wavetables.
  • Split: Splits the wavetable at the specified window size.(2048 samples if not specified)
  • Normalize function (0dB to -6dB)
  • DC offset function (selectable from center, top edge, bottom edge, so that the lowest or highest point of the waveform touches the center, etc.)
  • Smooth loop processing function (smoothly connects the beginning and end of a single cycle waveform)
  • Waveform texture function (Linear: Straight waveform, Step: Step waveform, Quantize: Make step waveform and quantize the amplitude, Sine: Rounded and smooth waveform)
  • Output WAV file can be selected from monaural only (stereo not supported), 44.1kHz to 96kHz, and 8bit to 32bit float.
  • (*As Python's Tikinter is used, the UI may change depending on the usage environment.)
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