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FAQ : General

Q.Do you provide support in languages other than Japanese?

A.Since I only speak Japanese, I cannot guarantee support in other languages. We will use Google Translate.

Please see the PDF below for information on how to register as a user, how to purchase, how to register a product, and how to download.

【Download VersusAudio_UserGuide(English).pdf】

Q.When I start KONTAKT PLAYER, it says "Demo" and I can't use it. What should I do?

A.As stated on each product page, the KONTAKT instruments on this site are self-made instruments created using KONTAKT functions, so they will only work as demos on KONTAKT PLAYER (which is provided free of charge at NativeInstruments).
If you want to use the full functionality, you need to load it with KONTAKT (full version).
"KONTAKT PLAYER" and "KONTAKT" are different products, so please be sure to check before purchasing.

●Excerpt from the FAQ of Native Instruments, the developer of KONTAKT-----------------
2. Can I load any third-party KONTAKT instrument into the KONTAKT 7 PLAYER?
Only third-party instruments that have been made specifically for KONTAKT 7 PLAYER can be loaded. Instruments that are not made for KONTAKT 7 PLAYER require the full version of KONTAKT 7 to run, but can be used for 15 minutes at a time in demo mode and without the ability to save your work.

Q.Is there a solution to the slow loading of instruments?

A.By installing the instrument folder on an M.2SSD, you can expect faster loading speeds.
When we actually tested it three times under the same conditions except for the storage, loading was completed in 2m7s to 2m38s on the HDD and 35-36s on the M.2 SSD.
In the case of Windows 10, it seems to be even faster by excluding the instrument folder or the "ncw" extension from being scanned by Microsoft Defender. (It is best to avoid exclusions as much as possible, but only those who value speed should do so at their own risk.)
As a result of the same test, the speed increased from 2m7s-2m38s to 1m27s-1m35s with HDD, and from 35-36s to 5-6s with M.2 SSD. I have confirmed that.

Q.What is the difference between the download file name 44k (or blank) and 96k?

A.The sampling frequency is different. 44k records 44.1kHz sound, and 96k records 96kHz sound (WAV or NCW). If left blank, it is 44.1kHz.
Sampling frequency is the number of times a sound waveform is sampled (processed) per second. Sampling is the process of measuring continuously changing analog information at regular intervals.
When the sampling frequency is 96kHz, the waveform for one second is sampled 96,000 times, and when it is 44.1kHz, it is sampled 44,100 times, which is less than half the number of samples for 44.1kHz compared to 96kHz.
Since the number of data points at 96kHz is 2.17 times greater than that at 44.1kHz, the file size will also be approximately 2.17 times larger, and the processing will be heavier accordingly. If you have a high-spec PC, 96kHz is fine, but if you use a low-speed HDD as a sound source, we recommend 44.1KHz.
The human audible range is around 20kHz, but the limit is 48kHz when the sampling frequency is 96kHz, and 22.05kHz when the sampling frequency is 44.1kHz. As you approach the limit, the number of processing times will not be able to keep up, and the reproducibility of the waveform will decrease.
It seems that there is no problem even if there is no sound above the audible range, but if you change the pitch with pitch bend or pitch shift, it will enter the audible range and you will be able to hear the difference.
However, the reproducibility of the waveform in the low frequency band is not much different between the two, so you may not be able to tell the difference unless you listen closely and compare.
If you have enough processing power on your PC and want to use the DAW settings above 96kHz, use a 96k sound source, and if you are using a low-spec PC or slow HDD, use a 44k sound source, etc., depending on your preference. You can install either one.

Q.The keyswitches on my Kontakt instrument are not visible, how can I make them visible?

A.The key switches for each Kontakt instrument are hidden by default to prevent you from accidentally operating them while typing and losing your original settings.
When you turn on the colored switch just to the left of the main menu on the right, the corresponding key switch will appear.

Q.Please tell me the license type.

A.One license per user.
For example, if one person uses multiple PCs, one license will be purchased, and if two people use one computer, two licenses will be purchased.
Transfer of license between users is not permitted.

If you find someone in violation of account sharing, etc., please contact us immediately.

Q.I work at a music production company. Can one license be shared between multiple composers?

A.One license per user. For example, if two people are working on three PCs using our products at the same time in the same project, they will need to purchase two.

Q.Can I sell music (songs) that uses Versus Audio instruments?

A.yes. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Please contact us if you have any concerns about your intended use.

Q.Can I create and distribute musical instrument apps using the sounds of musical instruments?

A.The act of reconstructing and distributing or selling the sound sources of this site as other sound sources is not permitted as it will be detrimental to this site.
Distributing or selling part or all of the sound source is prohibited.
It is basically prohibited to create music composition apps, piano performance apps, etc. using the tone files on this site.
However, WAV format sounds sold under the SE category can be used as sound effects.
Of course, it is OK to play songs using the sound sources from this site as BGM (music) for music games. If it's used in a song, you're welcome.
Please contact us if you have any concerns about your intended use.

Q.Are there any places other than the official website that sell it?

A.s of September 27, 2021, only LootAudio (formerly KontaktHub) is available. Please do not purchase this product as it is not permitted to be sold anywhere other than this site and LootAudio.
●LootAudio(VersusAudio product page)

You cannot obtain bonus sound sources from sites other than VersusAudio site.
Serial numbers are not issued on sites other than VersusAudio site.
Updates will be applied a little later on sites other VersusAudio site.
Sales prices may differ on sites other than VersusAudio site.

Q.I would like to purchase it on DVD.

A.We do not accept orders on DVD.
All products on this site are sold in download format only.

Q.What browser is suitable for using the site?

A.This site has been confirmed to work with Google Chrome. If the intended behavior does not occur in IE, Firefox, etc., the problem may be resolved by using Google Chrome.
(If the cause of the trouble is other than a browser compatibility problem, the problem may not be resolved.)
If you encounter any problems, please contact us and specify the browser type and OS.
Based on the information we receive, we will correct the problem areas.

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