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Kontakt4.2 96kHz 24bit Wav
¥10,890 (JPY)


*Note: If launched with the product "KONTAKT PLAYER" with PLAYER appended to the product name, it will be a demonstration operation and can not use the full version. Please note that "KONTAKT" is required to use the full version.

The CSL BUNDLE is a great value bundle package of 15 titles.
Products included in this title
ESL Vol.1 BirdFX
ESL Vol.2 BirdFX II
ESL Vol.3 Clock
CSL Vol.1 締太鼓
CSL Vol.2 GlassFX
CSL Vol.3 MetalFX
CSL Vol.4 Footstep
CSL Vol.5 BambooDrums
CSL Vol.6 Robots
CSL Vol.7 Sci-FiWeapon
CSL Vol.8 MetalFX2
CSL Vol.9 AcoRhythm
CSL Vol.10 Bottles
CSL Vol.-1 Click(Bonus instruments)
CSL Vol.-2 Cuplophone(Bonus instruments)

About Features System Requirements
Price:¥10,890 (JPY)
Product type:Sample Pack
Download sales(Serial number/.zip)
Format: Described on each product page
Total size: 21.6 GB
Total sample: 61937 Samples
Total sample: 30.6 GB (uncompressed)
24bit / 44.1kHz WAV
24bit / 96kHz WAV
.ncw lossless compression
Described on each product page
HDD free space 30 GB or more
Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB or more RAM
(Same as NI KONTAKT operating environment)
(NI KONTAKT PLAYER demonstration operation, time limit (about 15 minutes) available)

  • Please refer to each product page for details.
  • Please refer to each product page for details.
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